Kwai Chai Hong Shop Mural

Kwai Chai Hong Chinatown Kuala Lumpur Street Art You Must Visit Right Now

Kwai Chai Hong is a considered new project done by Zeen Cheng, a managing partner of a local space management company named Bai Chuan Management Sdn Bhd. This project aims to bring people back to the era of the 1960s, which is the golden era of KL Chinatown. 

Kwai Chai Hong Bridge
Kwai Chai Hong Bridge
Overall looks
Overall Width

Kwai Chai Hong Inspiration

During an interview with Malay Mail, Cheng shares that her inspiration is to bring as many people as possible thru a memory lane journey back to the 1960s. The olden people can be nostalgic about their era, and the young people can see the historical site of the older generations. 

Kids Mural
Kids Mural
Kungfu Hasle Mural
Kungfu Hustle

In the beginning, Cheng shares that they want to rent the place to earn some money, but along the way, she and other members of the Bai Chuan Management company fell in love with the site. They had made much investment in energy, time, and passion for turning the forgotten alley into what it is now. 

Kwai Chai Hong Mural
Mural 1
Kwai Chai Hong Mural 2
Mural Painting 2

With many exciting mural paintings, this once dirty and dark alley has become an exciting tourist spot for locals and internationals (yes, when the Malaysia border is opening). 

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Kwai Chai Hong Malayan Tiger and Stretch Out

Malayan Tiger Family
Malayan Tiger Family
Stretch Out
Stretch Out

Apart from the mural, there are two unique arts that you must take note of when you visit this place. The first one is Malayan Tiger. Artist Alice Chang created Malayan tiger family sculptures to raise awareness. These Malayan tiger sculptures will be shown until 20th February 2022 in conjunction with Tiger Year in the Chinese Calendar. The second one is the stretch out by artist Odd, inspired by traditional Chinese papercut. This art allows Odd to interact with the structure, trees, and ground within Kwai Chai Hong.

Kwai Chai Hong Salon Chair
Salon chair

There is one particular section in Kwai Chai Hong: the salon chair. This salon chair has been seated with many tourists, and even tons of people are taking photos of it. You are free to sit in this chair and take good pictures, just that ensure you did not break anything.

Overall looks 1
Overall Looks
View from top of Kwai Chai Hong
View from top

This place is currently free of charge to visit, and according to Cheng, they are planning that way for the time being until further notice. This spot is pretty easy to go to with public transport. Stop at MRT Pasar Seni station and head to exit A to take MRT. The entrance is just about 5 – 8 minutes’ walk. Finding a parking spot during the weekend is terrible in this place. So it is best to park at the nearby MRT station and walk from there. 

Young Lady Mural
Pretty Girl Mural

Many excellent and unique restaurants surround this place. So after you have done taking a lot of photos and videos, you can head to nearby restaurants. Below is the list of the restaurants for you to try:

  1. Bubble Bee Cafe
  2. Concubine KL
  3. Pandan Republic
  4. Dabao
  5. Bunn Choon
  6. Gui Gui BBQ
  7. G-String KL
  8. Dayone Dayone Noodle
  9. SSS
  10. Baijiu

Above is the restaurant with an affiliate or closeby with Kwai Chai Hong. There are also more restaurants to be listed, but we will keep it first until we update.

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You can visit the official website to find out more about Kwai Chai Hong. This place is within walking distance to Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur.

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