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HOW-TO: Enable International Roaming in Indonesia Easy Guide 2022

Enable International Roaming in Indonesia


Indonesia is famous for many things. Bali offers an excellent gateway to beaches and mountains. Candi Borobudur is one of seven wonders of ancient worlds, and Raja Empat is well known for its beautiful coral heaven for divers and many more. One thing that can ruin your perfect gateway is when your smartphone cannot connect to local providers through your international roaming plan or even when you buy a local number. 

To avoid such an unpleasant experience, here is the step you need to take to make sure your mobile device receives local provider data signals in Indonesia by enable international roaming. The steps are not that difficult. Check for more information below to enable international roaming in Indonesia. 

International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI)

Every mobile device will have its IMEI, and some phones might have more than one IMEI. GSM will use IMEI to identify the mobile device, and the best part is if your phone is lost or stolen, you can ask your local authority to block your phone IMEI to ensure that your phone is not usable even when the person is changing the phone SIM card. 

Why is the Indonesian Government Making Such Move Regarding IMEI

On 15th September 2020, the Indonesian government enforced IMEI blocking for all smartphones and tablets with GSM access to be registered into the government database for validation. This policy ensures that all devices obtained from the black market cannot be active in Indonesia. 

The problem with this policy is that the devices from overseas are not registered in the authority database, which makes the device unable to receive local provider signals but using WiFi is OK. The good thing is that you can activate your IMEI within two days after registration, or some even take as fast as two hours, at the international airports. 

Registering Your IMEI device to the Authority

IMEI Form to enable international roaming in Indonesia

Before departing, complete this form (click the link or scan the image above) to register your IMEI device to enable international roaming in Indonesia. Do this before arriving in Indonesia, or else you must depend on airport WiFi to fill out the form or use a public computer near the IMEI registration counter. If your phone is below USD 500, it is free to register. The local authority will check the local price sold in Indonesia for further clarification. 

enable international roaming in Indonesia
Soekarno Hatta Belt 6

You can find the IMEI counter behind belt number six when you land at Soekarno Hatta- Jakarta airport. There will be two counters; one is for devices below USD 500, and the other counter is for devices above USD 500. This lane tends to be fast and efficient. You will need to make some payments to enable IMEI for this device. 

For a foreigner, the tax calculation is only 40% of your actual device price. It means if your device costs USD 1000, the local authority only calculates the import tax from the amount of USD 400, and the tax amount is around 40% of USD 400. 

So after you fill out the form, you will obtain a barcode to give to the local authority and follow their instruction, and the registration process is done. Be prepared to wait for long hours as often there will be many people doing the registration.  

A good reminder that if you arrive in Indonesia and plan to register your device outside the airport, you will be charged the total amount and registration fee. If you stay more than 90 days in Indonesia, you must register your device immediately to enable international roaming in Indonesia. 

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Enjoy Traveling to Indonesia

Now you have read our post regarding how to enable international roaming in Indonesia, you can use your international roaming in Indonesia and travel around. Prepare to impress your friends and loved ones with the beauty of Indonesia and its hospitality. 

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