Tiramisu Souffle Souffle Dessert Cafe

Souffle Dessert Cafe – Good Fluffy Souffle For Unforgettable Dessert Time Puchong

Souffle Dessert Cafe
Souffle Dessert Cafe

We have a pleasant experience visiting this famous cafe for Souffle dessert in Puchong. Going to Souffle Dessert Cafe is like going to the fantasy dessert land thanks to their ambient and lighting setting when you want to enter the cafe. The experience of entering such cafe can make people excited and feels good too. 

Stairs to enter the Souffle Dessert Cafe
Stairs to enter the Souffle Dessert Cafe

Souffle Dessert Cafe Interior

We fall in love with their great arrangement of interior decoration too. One plus point is that the wifi password is written near the cashier so you can access it without asking the waiters. Sometimes you might be a bit shy to ask the waiters about the wifi password when you have not ordered your food.

How To order in Souffle Dessert Cafe
How To order in Souffle Dessert Cafe

Souffle is this cafe specialty, but you can also order other food like a waffle. This cafe only offers a desserts menu, so no other foods they serve. So once you are ready to order, you can scan the barcode placed on the table to see the menu in digital format. After that, write your order on the order paper, pass it to the cashier, and make payment.

Souffle Dessert Cafe – Souffle 

Since they make the souffle fresh, you can expect to wait for about 15 minutes on the regular crowd. Expect more time needed when it is packed during weekends.  

Tiramisu Souffle Souffle Dessert Cafe
Tiramisu Souffle

This is Souffle tiramisu. There are many her taste too for souffle, so you can choose when ordering one. So we have the cocoa powder on top of the souffle, with some chocolate around it. We are also given a small container of hot chocolate to pour on top of the souffle.

Mango souffle
Mango souffle Credit Instagram @souffledessertcafe

For mango lovers, good news for you. They have fresh-cut mango at the side with mango syrup on the souffle too. Nothings beat the goodness of mango couple with freshly-made souffle.

Souffle Dessert Cafe Pancakes 1
Pancakes Credit Instragram @souffledessertcafe

Traditional pancakes also can be ordered here. Honey pancake is what you would like to try. The crunchiness of the pancakes with dusting sugar and honey is a classic choice that is hard to go wrong.

Souffle Dessert Cafe Beverages

Souffle Dessert Cafe Matcha Parfait
Matcha Parfait Credit Instragram @souffledessertcafe

There are many types of beverages too. If you love ice cream-based, their matcha parfait is what you can choose. Green tea flavor with red bean and corn flakes is a public secret for a pleasant combination of flavors. 

Souffle Dessert Cafe Classic Mojito 1
Classic Mojito Credit Instragram @souffledessertcafe

If you feel hots and want something cooling, their classic mojito is what you can have. The freshness of lime with mint is suitable for hot weather. 

Souffle Dessert Cafe Strawberry Smoothie
Strawberry Smoothie Credit Instragram @souffledessertcafe

Fruit-based smoothies are available too, and these are strawberry smoothies that you can order for those strawberry lovers. 

Souffle Dessert Cafe Soft Serve 1
Soft Serve Credit Instragram @souffledessertcafe

Do you know that they also serve soft serve? If the soft serve is what makes you always go to McDonald’s, try their matcha and chocolate soft serve. Both tastes of chocolate and green tea are what most people order. So this cafe is suited for matcha lovers. 

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Souffle Dessert Cafe Details

Address: NO 1-7, 1st floor, Kompleks Kenari, Jalan Kenari 19a, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor

Operating time: Wednesday to Monday 2 PM – 11 PM. Tuesday is closed.

Go to their Instagram for more details, or take a look at their menu from this link

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