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Recommended for Family Dinner at Popular Yan Wo Seafood Restaurant Aman Suria

Family Restaurant for Typical Dining

Yan Wo Seafood Restaurant, located at Amn Surya, offers a wide selection of food, from typical Chinese dishes to seafood that can satisfy your cooking preferences. Finding parking in this place is pretty easy as there is ample parking. You can easily find some parking spot within 10 mins walks. 

Yan Wo Seafood Restaurant Menu

Yan Wo Seafood Restaurant Menu
Menu 1 on wall
Yan Wo Seafood Restaurant Menu 2
Menu 2 on wall

Most of their food is fresh, and the storage age is not long. The menu is printed and displayed on the wall, so if you are confused with its wide range of food selections. You can point to the picture on the wall, and the waiter will explain it. You can also find out what is freshly captured on that day, so you can order that one too. 

The Food Recommendation

Fried pork belly
Fried pork belly

Fried pork belly is one of the favorite dishes to order at Yan Wo seafood restaurant. If you do pay attention, almost every table has this dish. The crunchiness of pork belly with its marmalade sauce and garlic is best when eaten with plain white rice. This dish is a bit spicy, so if you have kids, do ask for a non-chili version so that they can eat this too.

Pumpkin Beancurd
Pumpkin Beancurd

Pumpkin beancurd is the second most famous dish here. This dish is unique because the tofu tastes great and sweet, and the bean aroma comes out nicely. The softness of the beancurd with pumpkin sauce and chopped vegetables is indeed a good combo. This dish is kinda unique as not many restaurants serve the beancurd with pumpkin and egg like this. So it is a must to order if you are here.

whole spareribs in thick sweet sauce
whole spareribs in thick sweet sauce

Our third order is this grilled pork ribs. Just a bit careful with the bone, but the tenderness of the meat is another level of greatness. You can pair this meat with soy sauce with garlic and chili to enhance the taste. Just a bit careful with the bone as it is quite big. The ribs part is not very soft and tender, so it might need to have some chewing effort but overall it is really good.

Steam fish with soya sauce Yan Wo Seafood Restaurant
Steam fish with soya sauce

All fish is freshly prepared, so they have no problem steaming the fish for you. It is never complete if you did not order steamed fish when you come here. Remember to check the price of the fish before ordering, and order it according to the size or how many grams you need to specify because fish can be the most expensive meal. The ginger taste and also soy sauce go well with the balance saltiness of the fish. Really a great dish to enjoy when you come here for celebration or bring your parents here.

Ginger Clams Soup
Ginger Clams Soup

Our next meal is somehow unique, which is ginger clams soup. We notice some clams are not open, so if you found this in your soup, throw it as it is not fresh. Compared with other places, we see more open clams. It is a good dish, especially during the rainy season. Somehow this dish is one of Yan Wo seafood restaurant specialists, so you might want to consider this too.

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Yan Wo Seafood Restaurant Aman Suria

This place is quite crowded during weekends, and also on weekdays. So try to come early or do call for booking to ensure a good spot for dining. The place has two floors so it can accommodate big groups of people.

Address: B-G-2, Jalan PJU 1/43, Aman Suria, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operation Time: Everyday 10:30 AM – 10:00 PM

You can find it on google maps here.

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