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Merchant’s Lane – Discover A Modern Take on The Heritage Petaling Street

Petaling Street Heritage with Modern Twist

Merchant’s Lane is a cafe that sees a transversing local charm with a modern twist. With unique and traditional Petaling Street style, this cafe has bought amazing yet lovely food to offer the patrons in the heart of Chinatown Kuala Lumpur.

Merchant’s lane entrance

Finding Merchant’s Lane is quite difficult if you are the first time visiting. Since the shop is located on the first floor, you need to spot the entrance to the cafe. The sign is not that obvious, and the address can be confusing, so you need to have a keen eye to spot the entrance. The tip is to find their signature at the top part of the shop, or the easy way is to ask the shops located in the same rows as the restaurant. 

Interior of Merchant’s Lane – A Step Into The Past

Entrance 2
Entrance 3

Their theme is Petaling Street’s classic era, so you can expect it to be decorated with many Rotan’s furniture and some familiar things from the ’50s. For first-timer, you might find why there are many words written over the wall, and actually, you can write anything on the wall (do write something appropriate) as a memento that you have been at the place. 

Interior 1
Interior 2
Merchant’s lane interior 3
Interior 4
Interior 5

We love the amount of natural sunlight at the place, as it brightens the area yet is not too hot. You can spot some familiar spots either in the magazine or some famous Instagram account, as they have this nice alley for a picturesque place when you walk around. 

Menu of Merchant’s Lane Restaurant

Merchant’s lane menu

Its food naming is what can make you laugh too. They offer a wide range of food, from traditional Chinese food to Cantonese style, and combine western and Chinese food. So kudos to the person who is so creative to come out with those names. 

Hongkie Beef Stew

Our first order is this Hongkie beef stew. Apart from some vegetables as decoration, this dish is significantly popular among the patrons who dine here. An excellent portion of mashed potatoes with delicious beef stew gravy goes well. 

Butter Chicken Pasta

Our next order is this butter chicken pasta. This dish is kids friendly, and they love it much due to its milky taste. The thickness of the butter taste goes inside the pasta, which makes it delicious to eat. The savory flavor of tomato goes well with the pasta and chicken too. 

The Taukay 2.0

We call this main dish for those who love Ramli burgers. Taukay 2.0 is a beef burger with three layers of a patty, egg, salads, and a generous serving of fries. Suitable for those whose wallet is thick (which is why the name is Taukay).

Merchant’s Lane Chinatown Kuala Lumpur

Address: 150, Jalan Petaling, City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Operation time: Thursday – Tuesday 10 AM till 9 PM, Wednesday closed. 


This place is convenient to be reached by public transport. Take MRT until Chinatown stations, and walk about 10 minutes to merchant’s lane. If you drive here, do come early as the public park nearby the MRT station is always full during lunch and dinner time.

After the meal, you can take a walk at Kwai Chai Hong for photo taking. This place is famous for the mural painting as well as the favorite place for photo taking.

Important notice: They are closed from 11 April 2022 until further information. 

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