Jia Siang Cafe Steam Prawn with Chinese Wine

Jia Siang Cafe Balik Pulau Penang For Fresh Seafood

For seafood lovers, you always want to have the freshness of the food as much as possible. So Jia Siang Cafe is a place for you to go if you are a hard-core seafood lover. Behind this cafe, there is a seafood market, where you can choose and buy your seafood choice and bring it to the restaurant to cook according to what you like. If you are adventurous, you pass the seafood to them and let them cook it the best way they usually serve to their guest.

Jia Siang Cafe

One thing that is really outstanding here, the cooking wines that they use are high-quality. You can also ask the chef what is the best catch today. They will be happy to tell you and cook it for you. Note that this place, commonly known by locals for the freshness of the seafood.

Jia Siang Cafe Interior

The restaurant’s interior is a typical simple Chinese seafood restaurant commonly found in Malaysia. The floor is made of wooden, and it is an open space. If you bring kids here, do watch out for them carefully.

Jia Siang Cafe Dishes

Jia Siang Cafe Pork Yam Stew
Pork Yam Stew

Our first dish is this pork yam, a currently available specialty. The yam is really tender, and the sweetness of the pork combined with good soy sauce gives an excellent umami taste when you eat this with rice.

Spicy Egg Plant
Spicy Egg Plant

We ordered this spicy eggplant cooked with rice wine for the vegetable dish. Love the way they cook this dish. The aroma from this dish smells really lovely and makes your saliva drop.

Jia Siang Cafe Steam Prawn with Chinese Wine

This is the prawn that we bought from the market, and they steam it with rice wine and soy sauce. The sweetness of the prawn really goes well with the spring onion and sliced ginger, and we never have enough of this dish.

Tom Yum Steam Fish
Steam Fish Tom Yum

This steam fish is a bit unique, as it is steamed with tom yum spices. It looks like a soup from the photo, but it is cooked by steaming instead of boiled.

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Fried Fish
Fried Fish

The last one we have in Jia Siang Cafe is fried fish. The meat is skinny, so the best way is to fry it. This one we ask why it is not steamed, the chef explains that these fish contain a lot of small bones, so frying it until very crispy is the way to eat so that the soft bone we can eat it too.

Jia Siang Cafe Details

Operating hour: Friday – Wednesday 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM, Saturday 12:00 PM–5:00 PM, Sunday 11:30 AM–5:00 PM. Thursday is closed.

Address: Kampung Bakar Kapur, 11000 Balik Pulau, Penang

Find their location from the map.

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