Donkas Lab Sunway Geo

Donkas Lab Yummy Korean Pork Cutlet at Sunway Geo

Donkas Lab for Your Pork Cutlet Craving

A tender pork meat crunchy on the outside with Korean taste is why people go to Donkas Lab at Sunway Geo. Located just opposite Christine’s Bakery (Check our review about Christine’s bakery Sunway Geo), you can easily spot the place with its bright light to attract people. When you arrive, you need to wait for someone to greet you or usher you when you are outside. If the place doesn’t have an empty seat, they will note down your handphone number and call you once the place is ready. The average waiting time is about half an hour on a weekday, and it can be one hour during the weekend. 

Counter to order at Donkas Lab

The inside interior is pretty simple. It gives a feeling of fast food rather than a cafe or restaurant. So you go to the counter and order what you want, and after you make the payment, you go back to your seat and wait for the food to be sent to your table. Overall, it feels bright, as one side of the restaurant is a big window, giving an excellent natural light to brighten the place. Table placement and also chairs are friendly for families with kids. 

Although it is a somewhat simple menu and limited choice, each dish is prepared very well, so we always see the different tables have a variety of dishes instead of one or two popular ones. 

Meal at Donkas Lab Sunway Geo

Donkas Meal
Donkas Meal 2

Their main menu is Dongaseu, pork cutlet covered with breaded and then fried until crispy. The portion of the pork cutlet is a significantly large size, and it also comes with some side dishes like salad, pickles, miso soup, and kimchee. You can choose two types of Dongaseu, either a normal one or one covered with cheese. We ask from the people who served us what her recommendation was, and she told us that most people ordered the cheese version. 

We can tell why this dish is trendy. The crispiness of the skin combined with the juicy taste of the meat is a perfect combo. This place is also suitable for coming with kids, as they will love this dish as it is not spicy. Yes, they have a spicy version for those who love spicy. 

Mul Neng Myun Set
Mul Neng Myun Set 2

The following menu we order is a cold dish, Mul Naeng Myun. We order the set, so it comes with one slice of pork cutlet without sauce, kimchee, and pickles. The chewy and thin noodle with cold icing beef broth is perfect for hot weather—the buckwheat noodle taste and its excellent seasoning in terms of savory and tangy. There is a spicy version of this noodle for spicy lovers. 

Donkas Lab Sunway Geo

You can find the detailed info about Donkas Lab Sunway Geo below:

A1-02-01 Sunway Geo Avenue, Jalan Lagoon Selatan, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Map link:

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