Cellar 18 Grilled Iberico Belly

Cellar 18 – The Alluring Place for Wine Lovers

Cellar 18 – Alluring Place for Wine Lovers
Cellar 18
Cellar 18 Outside View

Wine lovers, do check this place! What is the best place for you to find the wine for you to dine? The answer is when the wine shop and bistro are combined. Cellar 18 has a good selection of wine for you to buy, and you can drink at the place with their food. There are few choices, but they offer a good taste for each food from their bistro kitchen. 

Cellar 18 is located strategically at Persiaran Tropicana, a bustling place to find good groceries and fine food. It has a good and ample space for parking. 

Cellar 18 Interior

Cellar 18 wine selection
Wine Selection

The restaurant’s space is divided into two areas: a wine shop and the second floor is for the dining and chill area. At the winery shop, there are many selections of wine to choose from, and also, you can ask the shopkeeper to assist you. The space is enormous, and you can also find some liquor brands. 

Cellar 18 Wine Selection
Cellar 18 Wine Selection

There is a small corner for you to drink with friends on the ground floor. We love the barrel-shaped table, so you can stand and drink together with your friends. 

Cellar 18 Staircase to second floor
Staircase to the second floor

If you want to go to the second floor, you need to take the stairs to go up. We love the feeling of using the wood wall and LED light between the stairs. It feels like entering some magical place (if you watch Harry Potter).  

Cellar 18 Mini Bar
Mini Bar
Bar Display 2 at The Cellar Eighteen
Overview of Mini-Bar
Cellar 18 second floor view inside
View from the second floor

On the second floor, a minibar is currently not serving any guests. It has ample space for big groups to dine and drink together. This place is not soundproof, so you might need to speak a little louder. It gives the feeling of cozy, and you would love to sit and hang out here for a long time.

This place remind us about The Wine Shop at Tanjung Bunga Penang.

Cellar 18 Food

Penfolds cabernet sauvignon
Penfolds Carbenet Savignon Koonunga Hill

We choose this wine, Penfolds Cabernet Sauvignon 2019. This wine shows classic blackcurrant and cedar characteristic. Since we are going for meaty food, it is an excellent complement to our food selection.

Cellar 18 Grilled Iberico Belly 1
Iberico Pork Belly

Our first food is this grilled Iberico belly. We love how they grill this beautiful piece of meat—charcoal grill with some oil and light pepper. They put salt, dijon mustard, and more pepper on the side of the plate to adjust the saltiness and its taste ourselves. This Iberico belly is indeed a great food to pair with our Penfolds. 

Cellar 18 Carbonara

Our second order is their carbonara. We receive a recommendation from a few people about their carbonara and how good it is. Yes, it is creamy, cheesy and also the pasta cooks perfectly. Their generous pork belly is much appreciated. The serving size is good enough too. 

Cellar 18 Smoked Duck
Smoked Duck

We tried their smoked duck. Juicy smoked duck with their sauce goes well with our wine. The saltiness is more substantial than we expected, but it tastes just lovely when you eat this duck together with the pasta.

This duck reminds us about Foie Gras Pinch Bistro.

Iberico Pork Neck
Iberico Pork Neck

Our fourth dish is grilled Iberico Neck. This part is unique because if you order Bak Kut Teh, the neck part is hard to get, and it often sold out pretty soon. One thing remarkable about this dish is that it contains a higher fat, and of course, you can get a nutty, evocative flavor. 

Cellar 18 Spicy Pasta
Spicy Pasta

Our last dish is sambal chili pasta—perfect sunny side up egg on top of pasta, with a slight sweetness. The spiciness is considered mild, and you can taste a variety of spices inside this dish. 

Cellar 18 Details

Address: Tropicana Avenue, Persiaran Tropicana, Tropicana, 47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating Time: Everyday 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM. The bistro is only open after 12:00 PM.

Cellar 18 Facebook Pages.

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