Buntal 88 Seafood Crab with special sauce

Buntal 88 Seafood For Your Seafood Craving at Kuching

Buntal 88 Seafood Center is a good seafood restaurant that is well known by locals, and the price is just friendly and fair for family dinner. The location is near to the sea, which explains why the ingredient for seafood is fresh. My friend who is staying in Kuching is the one who introduced me to this place and thanks to him I can taste local delicacy that makes my tongue and stomach happy. When I search about Buntal 88 seafood center, it is quite well known even for overseas tourists.

It is a typical local Chinese restaurant so that you can expect to dine at round tables with chairs. They also do serve beers, and you can find Tsingtao, a Chinese brand beer that is well known in mainline China. You also can bring your seafood and ask them to cook for you. It is roughly RM 20 / KG for cooking dishes. When we come to this place, actually we had bought prawns and crabs. We can’t resist when we saw it on the roadside.

Buntal 88 Seafood Dishes

This is the crab dishes. The owner asked us to try the specialty sauce made by them. So half of our crab goes with their special sauce, and the other half we ask them to cook in a salted egg. We love salted egg dishes. Their specialty sauce is made from high-quality soy sauce, garlic oil, and Chinese wine. It is a little bit spicy so if you can’t take spicy, you can ask for less chili. Since the crab is fresh, so the sweetness from it goes well with their special sauce.

Prawn with special sauce

The prawn dish is cooked with the same specialty sauce. Now it is going well with the prawn. We get the prawn is fresh, so the sweetness goes well with the sauce. Plus, it is spicy. A big thumb to the chef. They cooked the prawn really well, still maintain the freshness of the prawn and it is not overcooked.

Paku Pakis

These are local vegetables. Someone mentioned that it is called ‘Paku.’ Definitely you must try this one as it is quite a common vegetable dish in Kuching, and most of the restaurants serve this vegetable.

Salted Egg Fried Bitter Gourd

This vegetable comes really surprise. It is a bitter gourd fried with salted egg. It is quite unique dish, almost like eating crackers due to its crunchiness. The saltiness goes well with bitter gourd, somehow it does not taste bitter at all. Even the after-taste of this dish really leaves a good memory.

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The last dish that we order in Buntal 88 seafood center is an oyster egg, and it is pretty much standard with other oyster egg dishes that you can find in any shop of Malaysia Chinese restaurant. One thing that I do really like is the oyster is generous in portion.

Buntal 88 Seafood Center Details

Operation time: Every day from 12:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Address: 317, Jln Kpg. Buntal, Kampung Buntal, 93010 Kuching, Sarawak.

You can visit their FB page.

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