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Bread Brothers BBQ – Excellent Fantastic Smoky Meat Texan

The Place for Hangouts and Good Meal – Bread Brothers BBQ

There are two good reasons to come here. The first is to have a “bro” party, the second is when one of your bros is having a birthday, and you want to celebrate with an all-meat food kind of thing. Bread Brothers BBQ is one of the highly recommended places to dine. Located strategically at Persiaran Tropicana Kota Damansara, parking is easy to get and plenty. 

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This place provides Texas-style of bbq, where they grill their meat in a big enclosed grill and use woods as the fire material. The meat needs to marinate with a secret sauce to make it tastier and tender. Not so great is when the supply is low. It takes a long time to grill ( About an average of 4-6 hours).

Uniqueness of Texas-style BBQ

Rack of Meat from Bread Brothers BBQ
Courtesy BreadBrothersBBQ

Most Americans love Texas-style bbq due to its uniqueness and excellent taste. We like Texas-style BBQ because each meat is seasoned with salt and pepper, plus with long hour grilling, the meat is tender and juicy. Each portion of the meat you eat gives a melting feeling in your mouth. 

Texas Style BBQ from Bread Brothers BBQ
Courtesy BreadBrothersBBQ

We love the menu. You can build your food and customize what you want the most. The menu is arranged nicely, so first-timer customers would not have any difficulties ordering in this place. If you have no idea, you can ask for friendly assistance from a cashier, and they will guide you in a warm tone.

Bread Brothers BBQ Menu
Bread Brothers BBQ Menu

Since we are big eaters, we choose a big platter behemoth. The info is stated in the menu that it is excellent for 4-5 people. At least we can try all sorts of meat we can find in the restaurant. One particular thing that I love the most from Bread Brother’s BBQ, the drink is refillable. We are talking about lemonade here! 

Bread Brothers BBQ Our Order
Our Order

See how the staff is portioning our meal. Take the juicy meat out and then cut it into sizeable portions and drenched with homemade sauce. This meal is meant to enjoy together with a cold beer, slowly savor the taste of the meat, and have a good conversation. It is somewhat satisfying. 

Sausages of Bread Brothers BBQ
Courtesy Bread Brothers BBQ

We just know that they also serve sausages. Sadly we are quite full with our satisfying meal, and we do hope that on the next occasion visit, we will try their sausages, and it does look tempting and mouth-watering.

Highly recommend for those who love steak, especially in the American style, have your visit here. Not only does the restaurant serve a good steak, but the portions of the food are tremendous and suitable to go for group dining. 

Bread Brother’s BBQ

You can find the location of Bread Brother’s BBQ below:

 PG-01, Persiaran Tropicana, Tropicana, 47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor 

Map link:

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