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French Twist Gastronomic at Kwee Zeen Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara

During our staycation in this hotel, we can visit Kwee Zeen Sofitel to try traditional French dishes. We are really excited about French dishes, and we want to find a unique dish to satisfy our palate taste. We really love this place when we enter. It offers ample space for us to sit.

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Kwee Zeen Sofitel Decoration

The restaurant’s decoration gives French ambient, with a lovely painting of Eifel tower. If you pay more attention, you can also see the twin tower, Malaysia landmark tower, in the French painting style. Painting is considered one out of few enjoyments for French people. They do take painting seriously, as many famous paintings originated from French compared to any other part of the world. So it is essential to address painting if you visit French restaurants.

Right after you place your order, fresh bread will be served. Don’t be shy and start putting the bread into your bread plate and start eating them. Now, if you did not see any bread plate, they serve breadbasket. It means you can put the bread directly on the table.

Food in Kwee Zeen Sofitel

The dish that we order is The French “Croque Monsieur.” It is a hot sandwich made with ham and cheese, and commonly this one is served as a quick snack. The cheese that they use is “Emmental” cheese. If you watch the cartoon Tom and Jerry, the cheese with few holes in the shape of Emmental cheese. It is classified as a Swiss-type or Alpine cheese. This cheese is the most common cheese that we can find in a local cheese market.

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So if you love cheese and ham, go for this one. Eat it while it is hot before the melted cheese is hard to eat. Highly recommend it for those who want to eat a light meal, but have an excellent buttery after-taste and cheese. It does have a good serving of fries for you. So overall, the portion size makes you pretty full, actually. A combination of the ambient with good food does level up the taste.

They also serve Asian food, but that can be safe for the next visit.

Kwee Zeen Sofitel Details

Kwee Zeen Sofitel Kuala Lumpur:
Operation hour: 6 AM – 3 PM (Monday to Thursday), 6 AM to 10 PM (Friday to Sunday)

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