Ee Ji Ban chicken Rice Ball

Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball for Unique and Specialty Food in Melaka

Melaka is well-known for its unique chicken rice ball, where the rice is in the shape of a ball. There are few chicken rice ball shops in Melaka, and Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball is a well-known brand. So you would not disappoint with the quality and also local taste when you dine in here. Note that this shop will be packed with many people on a typical day and expect to queue during lunch or dinner time. 

The best time is to arrive at this place around 11:20 AM if you are aiming for lunch, because during this time, there is ample empty space for you to choose your spot, not to mention that you can take your meal not to rush. For dinner, aim for around 5:20 PM. If it is too packed, you can opt to take it away. Because their takeaway service is quite efficient so you would not wait too long.

Restaurant Decoration

The shop itself is pretty much simple, and its menu is very straightforward. Since they are specialists in chicken rice, they only focus on such dishes along with local delight. It is a typical Chinese shop, due to round tables. We think a round table is efficient since we can add chairs and squeeze them into a table with more people.  

So when you order, you order from your table, and the waiters will take your order, but you need to go to the payment counter during payment. Since COVID-19 hit Malaysia, you can expect a few digital wallet barcodes so you can make a payment just by scanning the QR code from the payment apps. 

The Special Dishes

Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball
Chicken Rice Ball

We are excited when we see the chicken rice ball served at our table. It is steam chicken style with sauce and top with coriander. What you can expect from this chicken is saltiness and tenderness of the chicken. Although it looks simple dish to make, one requires a practice of years to ensure the tenderness of the chicken is exemplary. If the chicken overcooks, the meat will not be tender and juicy. You also need to balance the sesame oil and soy sauce not to overshadow the chicken taste. The rice ball is so unique to eat. You will have five rice balls in one serving, and it is enough for a typical adult to eat. 

Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball Prawn Chili
Chili Prawn

Another dish that we love is the sambal prawn dish—cooked with Baba Nyonya style, where the spiciness and sweetness need to be balanced together. This dish goes well with your chicken rice. If you love spicy food, this dish is what you must order when you visit the store. 

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Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball 

Address275, Jalan Melaka Raya 3, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka

Operation time: Friday to Wednesday: 11 AM – 5 PM, and 7 PM – 9 PM. Thursday is an off day.

Their FB Page:

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