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Daily Fix Cafe Melaka – Jonker Street Famous Pancakes and Dessert Lovers

Are you visiting Jonker street this weekend? Do add The Daily Fix cafe located at Jonker street into your place to visit. This place is well known for its pancakes and coffee, of course. Remember to plan to visit this place wisely as it is typically crowded during the weekend and might be a queue for at least one hour or more. Despite the long line, it is pretty worth it when you can sip their signature coffee with its pandan pancake. It is the perfect place to visit after having a chicken rice ball.

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Melaka Oldies Decoration

You will love their decoration theme. It represents the essence of Melaka culture. The one that quite significant decoration is the plate that hanging on the wall. If you take a detailed look, it contains many patterns about flowers. Another outstanding feature is an ample space that lets the sunlight go into the house. Typical traditional Chinese houses are always designed in this way.

The Signature Pancakes from The Daily Fix.

Pandan Pancakes The Daily Fix Cafe
Pandan Pancakes

So when you visit this Daily Fix cafe, the main thing you need to order is their pandan pancakes, served with coconut gula Melaka. These pancakes have generous serving for one portion, and the taste of pandan makes you want to have more and more. If you like the vanilla-based taste, you will love this, as it contains grassy vanilla with a coconut hint. Its unique aroma makes you want to have more and more, not to mention the after-taste of coconut will stay in your mouth for a bit longer.

White Coffee
White Coffee

The waiter also recommends their local coffee, with a strong bitter taste, which complements well with your pandan pancakes. This is their local coffee that gets from the local source of coffee. Many do not know that Melaka also roasts their own bean so this bean is roasted locally.

The Daily Fix Cafe Melaka Information

Address: 55, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka
Open: Every day from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Check their Facebook pages for more info.

11 thoughts on “Daily Fix Cafe Melaka – Jonker Street Famous Pancakes and Dessert Lovers”

  1. Oh wow… oh wow… I absolutely love visiting Jonker Street. It is one of my favorite hotspots in Melaka. Reading your post makes me want to try that pandan pancake so much. I hope things are ok in Melaka now. I was there one year ago. Most shops and hotspots were closed due to the pandemic. Huhuhu……

  2. Last pergi Jonker beberapa tahun lepas. Memang best dekat sana lagi2 jalan waktu malam. Cuma saya tak berani sangat nak cuba makanan2 yang dijual dekat kawasan tu ada sebab tak pasti bab halal.

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