Pork Neck BBQ Golmok SS15

BBQ Golmok SS15 – Authentic Korean BBQ Restaurant

Check this new BBQ restaurant in SS15. They have been open since 1st December 2021. BBQ Golmok SS15 is a branch from BBQ Golmok Cheras. Suppose you are looking for good Korean food with authentic taste and style. Here is the place to satisfy your craving for Korean while listening to K-pop music in the background. 

Bright Sign

Finding BBQ Golmok SS15 is considered easy to spot. Look for their bright and hard-to-miss sign from the roadside after you pass Inti International College. There is ample parking in the building, which is a good plus point when dining in SS15. 

The menu is pretty simple, and it would not confuse you with so many choices. They also have two languages, English and Mandarin, so you can ask for an English one. Despite that, the menu pictures are clear enough, so ordering your food in this place is effortless. Really kudos to those who design the menu. 

Prepare to be covered with charcoal smell, well you are visiting BBQ place. Despite that, the wooden decoration gives the authentic feeling of a Korean BBQ restaurant, just like in the K-Drama. 

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BBQ Golmok SS15 Side Dishes

You will be pampered with their side dishes available for you to take as much as you want. We have tried all of their side dishes, and their kimchi and soup are must-have choices that you need to take. They also give free rice tea for you, so if you did not order any drink, the rice tea is good to drink. 

We need to put the highlight of the soup that they provide. In most restaurants, the soup tends to be simple miso soup or some vegetable soup. But this one, we really like the soup so much as it gives a refreshing taste, especially when you eat meaty stuff. 

Hints: Korean grass noodle is quite expensive if you buy them outside. Here, they provide it for free, and you can take as much as you want. So we replace all our rice with this glass noodle and cook it well. 

Main Dishes at BBQ Golmok SS15

Pork Neck

We order one plate of pork neck and one serving of spicy rice cake with cheese. We love the tenderness of the pork neck, and it is not so oily compared to the belly part. Not to mention it has a lot of lean meat. So grill it until it is fully cooked and you can taste its juicy part. We love to eat it by putting the meat into fresh lettuce, and put some side dishes, especially kimchi, wrap it, and put it all into your mouth (Ssam (쌈)). 

Rice Cakes

For spicy rice cakes, the serving is really generous. By looking at it, we doubt it is for one person eating. The cheese is melted and covers the entire plate of serving. The chili sauce is a bit mild to taste the original taste of the rice cake. 


Demi Soda

We ordered this unique-looking soda, which could not be found in any local supermarket. Taste refreshing, especially during hot days. There are two options, apple, and orange. 

BBQ Golmok SS15 Details

Address: A-1-3, Menara Rajawali, Jalan SS 15/8, SS 15, UEP Subang Jaya, 47500, Petaling, Selangor D.E. 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Operating Time: Everyday 12 PM to 12 AM.

For reservation call: 016-644 6921

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  1. Yes. A menu with a clear picture is a huge help, especially when you are eating an international dish. If not, it will somehow be lost in translation (with our slang etc), the final dish might not be the one that you requested.

  2. Matshida!!!!!!!!!!! All food at BBQ Golmok looks delicious. Especially the rice cake. Reading this post makes me want to dine here soon. Thank you for sharing your review with me.

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